Shadwell Farm

Our Philosophy

Outstanding Bloodlines Shadwell Stallions represent prominent sire lines with strong tail-female families.
Record Speed We believe that speed must be introduced continually in Thoroughbred pedigrees. Each Shadwell stallion has demonstrated the high-caliber speed representative of his sire line.
Conservative Stud Fees We believe that a stallion should enter stud with a moderate fee and then prove his value.
Strong Owner Support The stallions are supported by a prestigious broodmare band which has produced the winners of ten Classic races and nearly 85 group winners world-wide.
Moderate Books We believe stallions should service moderate-sized books resulting in ease of booking for breeders, higher fertility rates and a limited number of offspring entering the commercial market.
State of the Art Facility Constructed in 1991 with an emphasis on health and safety, our facility offers a complete laboratory with a full range of services.
Competent, Courteous Staff Our staff is headed by Kent Barnes (MS, Reproductive Physiology, Colorado State University) and supported by a highly-experienced team of horsemen in the breeding shed.