Shadwell Farm


$1,000 Live Foal

Brilliant Miler by DANZIG

Graded stakes sire of:

70% Winners
15% Earn $100,000 or more

Pronounced: dew-män-ee

Meaning: Dear

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Eleven Stakes Horses,
92 Individual Winners,
and over $5 Million in Progeny Earnings

Average Earnings per Starter Over 18x his Fee

Stakes Horses:
A LIL DUMAANI (05 g, o/o A Lil Excess by In Excess (Ire))
              3rd Donald Valpredo California Cup Sprint Stakes

(07 g, o/o No Tide by Full Pocket)
              3rd Howard B. Noonan Stakes

(99 c, o/o Stray, by Wander Kind):
Won Premier's H.-G3, Teeworth Plate H., George Royal S.; 2nd British Columbia Derby-G2, Premier's H.-G3, Burnaby Breeders' Cup H., Sun Sprint Championship H., S. W. Randall Plate H.; 3rd Emerald Downs Breeders' Cup Derby.
WUDANTUNOIT (98 c, o/o Cozzenette, by Cozzene):
Won Kentucky Colonel S.; 2nd Sam Houston Turf Sprint Cup S., Franklin S.; 3rd Yaqthan S.
SCOOTIN' GIRL (98 f, o/o Boltin' Bride, by Runaway Groom):
Won Jenny Wade H.; 2nd Somethingroyal S., Punch Line S.; 3rd The Very One S.
CHARACTER WITNESS (00 c, o/o Ta Aruf, by A.P. Indy):
Won Awad S.
Felix R (01 c, o/o Starship Reliant, by Fortunate Prospect):
2nd Clasico Hurly Road-G3; 3rd Puerto Rico Futurity-G1.
Dumaani of Course (99 c, o/o Maggies Pistol, by Big Pistol):
2nd Prairie Bayou S.
Foolish Gamble (99 c, o/o Besmirk, by Smile):
3rd Larry R. Riviello President's Cup S., Paterson S.
For Elise (98 f, o/o Appeal to Me, by Valid Appeal):
2nd Meafara S.
Woodmont (00 c, o/o Crystal Woods, by Woodman):
2nd Mason Houghland Memorial Timber S.

Additional Winners:

ADD A MOMENT (00 c, o/o Madderbytheminute, by Quadratic):
Three Wins at 2, 3, and 4.
AFFIRM THE DANCE (98 c, o/o Look Who's Dancing, by Affirmed):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
ALLEGRO CON FUOCO (04 f, o/o Parlay to Fire, by Continue to Fire):
Winner at 3.
ARKAH (98 f, o/o Alsharta, by Mr. Prospector):
Winner at 3.
ASLAN (98 f, o/o June Pool, by Temperence Hill):
Winner at 5.
ASTRALLED (00 c, o/o Army Girl, by Foolish Pleasure):
Two Wins at 4 and 6.
BELLADUMAANI (01 c, o/o Bellona, by Hansel):
Winner at 2.
BLONDE STREAK (00 f, o/o Katiba, by Gulch):
Four Wins at 3, 4, and 5.
BLUEASAROBINSEGGS (00 f, o/o Consularia, by Bayou Hebert):
Winner at 3.
BRAVO BRAD (01 c, o/o Determined to Win, by Jack Slade):
Winner at 4.
B ROCK (99 c, o/o Renaissance Queen, by Elocutionist):
Winner at 3.
BUSISA (01 f, o/o Try Truth, by Riverman):
Winner at 3.
CIRIBIRIBIN QUEEN (98 f, o/o Ciribiribin, by Sir Ivor):
Winner at 4.
CLOUDY MORNING (01 c, o/o Fortunate Find, by Fortunate Prospect):
Winner at 3.
DANCIN DUMAANI (03 c, o/o Fire the Kiln, by Fabuleux Dancer):
Two Wins at 3.
DESIRABLE TRICK (99 c, o/o Lenni Lenape, by Phone Trick):
Winner at 3.
DESIRABLE WOLF (98 f, o/o Mi Loba, by Wolf Power (SAF)):
Six Wins at 2, 4, and 5.
DISIRABLE DANZIG (01 f, o/o Heartbreak Reason, by Thirty Six Red):
Two Wins at 3.
DONAMAANI (98 c, o/o Donnavega, by Rock Royalty):
Two Wins at 2 and 3.
DUBUQUE (02 c, o/o Brave Ack, by Play Fellow):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
DUCALE GOLD (98 c, o/o Rogatien, by Storm Bird):
Winner at 2.
DUE RITE DIXON (02 c, o/o M. Antoinette, by Wavering Monarch):
Two Wins at 3.
DUMAANI DEAL (99 f, o/o Deal Code, by Relaunch):
Winner at 3.
DUMAANI'S PRINCESS (01 f, o/o Night On the Town, by Black Tie Affair (IRE)):
Winner at 3.
DUMAANI STAR (98 c, o/o Renaissance Queen, by Elocutionist):
Three Wins at 4, 5, and 8.
DUMAANI WAY (98 c, o/o Deal Code, by Relaunch):
Two Wins at 3.
DUMAANIFROMHEAVEN (03 f, o/o Carrion Comfort, by Taj Alriyadh):
Winner at 3.
DUMTELL (01 f, o/o Tellitlikeitis, by Premiership):
Eight Wins at 2, 3, 4, and 5.
DU MINE IN BLUE (02 c, o/o State of Joy, by State Dinner):
Winner at 3.
DU TOO (99 c, o/o Gold Premieress, by Premiership):
Winner at 3.
ESCULTURA (98 f, o/o Currently Proud, by Proud Truth):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
EXPLODER (98 c, o/o Loves to Explode, by Time to Explode):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
FAR OUT BABE (01 f, o/o Farolino, by Trempolino):
Winner at 2.
FEHR (00 c, o/o Alqwani, by Mr. Prospector):
Three Wins at 3 and 5.
FLASH FRAME (00 f, o/o Coloma, by Timeless Moment):
Two Wins at 4.
FRAMES DEPOT (02 c, o/o Miss Cougar, by Cougar II):
Winner at 5 in Hong Kong.
GAILY DUMA (02 f, o/o Gaily Mew Gull (IRE), by Brief Truce):
Three Wins at 2 and 4.
GHABESH (02 c, o/o Dish Dash (GB), by Bustino (GB)):
Winner at 4.
GOBAIN (02 c, o/o Jazzy Stalker, by Stacked Pack):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
HE'S TRUCKIN (99 c, o/o Mlle. Baudelaire, by Sunny's Halo):
Winner at 4.
HOBGOBLIN (03 c, o/o Greg's Girl, by With Approval):
Winner at 4.
HOLA MAMACITA (04 f, o/o Caros Risky Gal, by Caros Love):
Winner at 3.
HONEST GIRL (00 f, o/o Tellitlikeitis, by Premiership):
Two Wins at 3.
IRISH DUMAANI (99 c, o/o Belle Forbes, by Bold Forbes):
Winner at 3.
JEWELS OF DUMAANI (03 c, o/o Pay Your Dues, by Slew o' Gold):
Winner at 3.
JUST ONE ROSE (98 f, o/o Rose of Lee, by Phone Trick):
Four Wins at 2, 3, and 4.
KEYTH'S KARMA (00 c, o/o Key to the Market, by Key to the Kingdom):
Six Wins at 2, 4, and 5.
KRISSBEQUICK (01 c, o/o Canadian Kris, by Kris S.):
12 Wins at 4, 5, and 6.
KRISTOFFERSON (00 c, o/o A Duchess for K, by Kalim (IRE)):
Four Wins at 3 and 4.
KROGHVILLE BOB (99 c, o/o Rachel Elizabeth, by Cryptoclearance):
Winner at 3.
LADY AANI (00 f, o/o Skeezics, by Lear Fan):
Winner at 4.
LADY DUMAANI (01 f, o/o Key Change, by Stop the Music):
Winner at 3.
MILLENNIUM MENACE (98 c, o/o Resolution (FR), by Mille Balles (FR)):
Three Wins at 2 and 3.
NATAANI (98 f, o/o Natty Patty, by Well Decorated):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
NEIGHBORA (99 f, o/o Tesora (IRE), by Busted (GB)):
Winner at 5.
NEST (99 f, o/o Bungalow, by Lord Avie):
Two Wins at 3.
NIRMALA (01 f, o/o Princess of Paris, by Big Spruce):
Winner at 4.
NORTHERN DAMASCUS (98 c, o/o Zen It Again, by Zen):
Three Wins at 4 and 5.
PENTAVIRATE (00 c, o/o Bobbiehawk, by Hawkster):
Three Wins at 3, 4, and 6.
PLEASE DEAR PLEASE (00 f, o/o Briar Britches, by Briar Bend):
Winner at 3.
PROSPECTOR DUMAANI (98 f, o/o Twist the Knife, by Crafty Prospector):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
SATIN PILLOWS (98 f, o/o Alchaasibiyeh, by Seattle Slew):
Winner at 3.
SHEMAANI (98 f, o/o Bold Sheshe, by Bold Reason):
Winner at 3.
SILVAANI (98 c, o/o Ruby Silver, by Silver Hawk):
Winner at 4.
SIR CASPER (02 c, o/o No Tide, by Full Pocket):
Five Wins at 3, 4, and 5.
STEEL DUMAANI (99 c, o/o Femme de Naskra, by Star de Naskra):
Three Wins at 3.
SUPERDUMAAN (00 f, o/o Super Deb, by Superbity):
Two Wins at 4 and 6.
TRANSATLANTIC (98 c, o/o Viendra, by Raise a Native):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
TREE LOVER (01 f, o/o Zienat, by Woodman):
Nine Wins at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
TRIPLE CHECKER (98 c, o/o Early Tales, by Conquistador Cielo):
Winner at 4.
UNITED CAT (00 c, o/o Silver Fan, by Lear Fan):
Eight Wins at 2 and 3.
WAVE IN DEFIANCE (00 f, o/o Miss Jazz, by Fappiano):
Winner at 3.
WINDUMONI (00 f, o/o Suspenseiskillinme, by Bates Motel):
Four Wins at 3 and 4.
ZIZZORS (03 c, o/o J'S Cinnamon Lady, by Rich Doctor):
Winner at 3.