Shadwell Farm


$1,000 Live Foal

Consistent & Reliable Sire by Mr. Prospector

75% Starters
80% Winners
14% $100,000 Earners


Pronounced: kay-rä-wän

Meaning: A City In Morocco

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Five Stakes Horses,
51 Individual Winners,
and Over $2.9 Million in Progeny Earnings

80% Winners from Starters
Average Earnings per Starter a Remarkable 22x his Fee

Stakes Horses:
DUBAI SHEIKH (99 c, o/o Inoma Slew, by Slew City Slew):
Won Don Bernhardt S.; 2nd Holiday Cheer S.
Quietud (MEX) (01 f, o/o Tawadud (GB), by Arazi):
2nd Clasico Esmeralda-G1; 3rd Clasico Consagracion-G2.
Action Request (98 c, o/o Lailee, by Caveat):
3rd Bill Hartack S.
Me Gotta Go (98 f, o/o Flow Motion, by Topsider):
3rd Navarchus S.
Dr. Holiday (98 c, o/o Christmas in Aiken, by Affirmed):
2nd Express H.

Additional Winners:

ABDALAH (01 c, o/o Al Nakhlah, by Sheikh Albadou (GB)):
Four Wins at 3.
ADHESIVE (99 c, o/o Blanche Du Bois, by Green Dancer):
Two Wins at 4.
ANIMATION MASTER (00 c, o/o Ly Dawg, by Lyphard):
Four Wins at 5, 6, and 7 in Macau.
ANSWERTOEVERYTHING (99 c, o/o Redial, by Halo):
Two Wins at 3.
BIG K (02 c, o/o Bold an Fast, by Personal Flag):
Five Wins at 2, 3, and 5.
BLUE RAIDER (98 f, o/o Malandrina (CHI), by Mr. Long):
Three Wins at 3.
CADES COVE (99 f, o/o Laurson, by Bold Conquest):
Two Wins at 3.
CAPTURE THE DREAM (98 f, o/o Neldancer, by Youth):
Two Wins at 4.
CAT RUNNER (02 f, o/o Sati Cat, by Mountain Cat):
Three Wins at 4.
CHICKEN TRACKS (99 f, o/o Aube, by Slewpy):
Three Wins at 3, 6, and 7.
CLIFF NOTES (98 c, o/o Ashley J, by Slew City Slew):
13 Wins at 2, 3, 4, and 6.
CONNECTING (98 c, o/o Interrupta, by Stop the Music):
Two Wins at 3 and 4.
DEEMED WORTHY (00 c, o/o Redeem (IRE), by Doyoun (IRE)):
Two Wins at 4.
HONEYMOON STITCH (98 f, o/o Be My Lovely, by Be My Guest):
Two Wins at 4 and 6.
I'M ANGELA (00 f, o/o Elegant Express, by El Corazon):
Six Wins at 3 and 5.
INGLES (00 c, o/o Atuf, by Danzig):
13 Wins at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
I TIMAD (98 f, o/o Ra'a, by Diesis (GB)):
Winner at 3.
KARARUN (99 f, o/o J 'n J's Lil Beau, by Beau Genius):
Six Wins at 2, 4, and 5.
KARAZAN (98 f, o/o Regents Glory, by Vice Regent):
Winner at 6.
KASKASKIA KID (02 c, o/o Pretty Smart, by Known Fact):
Two Wins at 3.
KAYETTA (02 f, o/o Harleyetta, by Rampage):
Two Wins at 4.
KAYRAQUE (98 c, o/o Queluz, by Saratoga Six):
Eight Wins at 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
KAYRAWAN'S GIRL (00 f, o/o Shihama, by Shadeed):
Two Wins at 3 and 4.
KNOWN PROSPECT (99 f, o/o Roget's Fact, by Known Fact):
Winner at 4.
KRYBABY K T (98 f, o/o Dinababe, by Northern Baby):
Two Wins at 2.
MORIAH (02 f, o/o Thebesticouldbe, by Lomond):
Three Wins at 4 and 5.
NAHAAB (98 c, o/o Lucky Lucky Lucky, by Chieftain):
Four Wins at 3 and 5.
NATURAL BOY (02 c, o/o Natural Smile, by Our Native):
Two Wins at 2 and 3.
NO ALLEGIANCE (02 c, o/o Hostile Fleet, by Hostage):
Three Wins at 2, 3, and 4.
NOWAN (01 c, o/o No Easy Name, by Northern Flagship):
Two Wins at 4.
OUR BUCKEYE STAR (99 f, o/o Starsburg, by Whitesburg):
Winner at 2.
PERFECT SUMMER (99 f, o/o Pretty Perfect, by Wajima):
Winner at 4.
PRIME INDICATOR (03 c, o/o Emerald Bracelet, by Green Dancer):
Winner at 4.
PRINCESS LARA (99 f, o/o Genault, by Perrault (GB)):
Winner at 3.
QUINCANNON (01 c, o/o Sulalat (GB), by Hamas (IRE)):
Two Wins at 3 and 4.
RACIN EXPRESS (03 c, o/o Highly Regarded, by Prized):
Winner at 3.
RED RAGE (00 f, o/o Irish Missus, by Irish Tower):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
RIVER THAMES (01 f, o/o Water Course, by Irish River (FR)):
Winner at 4.
SARGENT MAJOR (98 c, o/o Army Girl, by Foolish Pleasure):
Three Wins at 3 and 4.
SKYWAN CLASSIC (02 c, o/o Rising Sky, by Sky Classic):
Winner at 5.
TEMERARI FLIGHT (02 c, o/o Flying Current, by Riverman):
Two Wins at 2.
THREE STEPS AHEAD (01 c, o/o Sesame, by El Gran Senor):
Six Wins at 3, 4, and 5.
SUNSET PASSION (00 f, o/o Tammy Jane, by Bounding Basque):
Two Wins at 3 and 4.
WAVES OF BEAUTY (00 f, o/o Waves of Laughter, by Wavering Monarch):
Two Wins at 4.
WOLFE BE SALTY (03 c, o/o Miss Salty Dawg, by Salt Dome):
Three Wins at 3.